Dallas Placenta Encapsulation is the go-to company DFW families trust for genuine placenta encapsulation experiences. Every woman, her pregnancy, and her needs are divinely unique. We embrace and celebrate this by creating an organic rapport with our clients that allow us to cater their experience to their specific preferences.

In a world with endless choices, we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients and their families during such a sacred season of life. With this in mind, we view each and every client as a blessing, that is not to be taken for granted, but instead, handled with humility and gratitude. Postpartum is a monumental phase of this season and it symbolizes many different things for each woman and her family.






Are five non-negotiable attributes, we feel, every birthing woman should have in her pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum experiences. we do our utmost, within our scope of practice, to ensure each of these for all birthing women.

Dallas Placenta Encapsulation is owned and operated by Kelli Stone (with the occasional administrative assistance by one phenomenal admin, Jill). As an added layer of protection, we do not use medical couriers or delivery services for the transport of placentas (unless extenuating circumstances require such and are pre-arranged). This allows us to guarantee the chain of custody of every placenta. The placenta specialist not only prepares the placenta for encapsulation, the tincture, salve, placenta print, and umbilical cord keepsake, she also procures the placenta from the place of birth and hand-delivers the final product(s) to the client’s location of choice. We take the safety and wellbeing of everyone very seriously. The placenta specialist prepares and encapsulates one placenta at a time, guaranteeing compliance with OSHA bloodborne pathogens standard and PPE, at all times.

Our beliefs at Dallas Placenta Encapsulation are rooted in our faith in Jesus Christ and the incredible blessings of life He bestows upon us via our clients and each of their unique stories. We respect that everyone’s journey/belief system is different and graciously serve any family who will allow us the privilege, regardless of our differences. We love getting to know our clients and sharing our testimony when asked. We truly offer something for everyone and we look forward to speaking with you in your complimentary consultation!